10 Foods I Ate To Lose 22 Pounds That People “THINK” Is Unhealthy

10 foods I ate that people think are unhealthy

With all the misinformation in the weight loss industry, it’s not surprising to see certain foods and snacks labeled as “healthy” and “unhealthy”.  If you think you can’t eat carbs, fruit, meat or whatever food a ‘fit influencer’ tells you because it’s considered “unhealthy” –  think again. I lost more than 22 pounds eating foods […]

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Easy 2lbs Low Carb Meatloaf Recipe – The Best Ever

Easy Low Carb meatloaf recipe 2lbs

Need an easy low carb meatloaf recipe that’s healthy, comforting and warms your belly this fall? Look no further, this low carb meatloaf recipe with keto sauce is bursting with flavor and sooo simple to make! With 2lbs (1kg) of ground beef mince, there’s enough to feed the whole family or any meat lover for […]

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Clean Your Whole House With Vinegar & Baking Soda

clean your house with vinegar and baking soda - earth macros feature image

Women around the world have been cleaning their house with vinegar and baking soda for decades! Not only does it get rid of germs but these two ingredients reduce packaging waste that comes from commercial cleaning products. Vinegar and baking soda cleaning is natural, safe and cost-effective with fewer harsh chemicals to worry about. Cleaning […]

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How To Stop Counting Calories Obsessively & Still Lose Weight

How To Stop Counting Calories & Still Lose weight

Unless you’re a professional athlete, bikini model or bodybuilder preparing for a competition…. You don’t need to count calories, obsessively. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL about finding your calorie maintenance for weight loss. But if you super busy person, happy with the way you look and just want to lose a little bit of […]

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Simple Sugar-Free Berry Jam Recipe

sugar free jam recipe

Winter mornings are so cold here in Western Australia…. brrrr. Nothing beats the morning chill than a hot bowl of porridge topped with strawberry jam for breakfast. If the thought of buying store bought jams sends your blood sugar in a frenzy then you might want to give this sugar-free jam recipe a go. Making […]

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