Collected these gorgeous passionfruits from the garden today. Nothing better than eating the fruits of your labour 😍

Here are 5 simple ways to use passionfruit:

#1 Freeze it ❄️: If you don’t get around to eating it, freeze it while it’s fresh. Scoop out the passionfruit and pop them in ice cube containers or in a small container.

#2 Spoon it 🥄: Instead of cutting a passionfruit in half, chop the top off and eat it like a boiled egg with a spoon to avoid losing the juice.

#3 Add it ➕: To your everyday meals like on cereal, yoghurt, add to desserts, mix it on your smoothie.

#4 Make a dressing 🥗: Try adding passionfruit to a balsamic and olive oil dressing a tasty tang!

#5 Strain it 🍹: If edible seeds aren’t your thing, simply strain the seeds out and use the pulp juice for flavour.

# Bonus tip ✌️ : Make simple drinks and desserts like adding to ice cream, flavouring water and sponge cake. Flavouring water is a favourite of mine as it keeps your water intake up during the day!

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5 ways to use passionfruit