How To Wash Your Beeswax Wraps

  • Washing your wrap is really simple! Just wash your wrap using cold soapy water, rinse and air dry in the kitchen (away from heat or sunlight)
  • Please do not place your wraps in the dishwasher. Simply, hand wash them with cold water so that the wax is retained within the wax.
  • Avoid using commercial detergents, acids, vinegar or bleach. A tiny bit of dishwashing liquid in cold water is all your need to wash and clean your wraps.

Keep Your Beeswax Wraps Away From Heat

  • Do not use warm or hot water to clean the wraps as they will melt the beeswax.
  • Do not place your beeswax wraps in a microwave, dishwasher or oven.
  • Do not cover hot bowls, hot plates or hot foods.

Storing Your Beeswax Food Wraps

  • We leave our wraps to air dry on the bench top and on display. However you can store them anywhere that does not have direct sunlight.
  • If you prefer to put them away, once the wraps are dried – you can roll them with baking paper or place them in the tea towel drawer for storage.

Residue on Bowls & Plates

As our wraps are made of beeswax and tree gum which may leave a slight residue on your bowls or dishes. This is what allows it to “clings” and stick. 

It’s natural and safe, simple use any vegetable oil (coconut oil or canola oil works well) to remove any residue. Then wash your bowl as you normally do.

How Long Do The Wraps Last?

If you follow the simple care instructions above, your wraps can last up to 12 months.

  • If you find the wrap is a little dry or not sticking, fold it as small as possible OR scrunch up your wrap to reactivate it from the warmth of your hands. This will make it sticky again.