Beeswax Food Wraps FAQs

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Unfortunately we cannot accept returns as beeswax wraps are used for food storage.

When you first open your new beeswax wraps, run it under cold water and air dry it before using. It’s best to use a wrap size that’s larger than the object or food you’re trying to wrap.
For example, our medium size wraps should wrap a block of cheese or a sandwich, a bunch of basil, parsley, a medium size bowl, small plates, snacks for the kids school etc. When wrapping over big bowls or plates, use our large wrap size. 

Simply wipe your wraps with a sponge using cold water with a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid OR rinse them under running cold water and leave out to air dry. For full care instructions, click here.

Whether you live in hot, humid or cold conditions – all of Earth Macros wraps should be away from direct sunlight.

The beeswax will melt and becomes sticky if exposed for long durations of direct sunlight. So it’s best to keep them away in a cool area like your tea towel drawer.

As our wraps are made of beeswax and tree gum which may leave a slight residue on your bowls or dishes. This is what allows it to “clings” and stick. 

It’s natural and safe, simple use any vegetable oil (coconut oil or canola oil works well) to remove any residue. Then wash your bowl as you normally do.

You can store them in with your tea towels or make an extra shelf for them. Preferably a place where it’s closed, dry and away from sunlight.
You’ll notice beeswax scent when you first open your new Earth Macros Wraps but this does not affect your food and the smell will lessen over time.
We use pinking shears to create the zig-zag lines and to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Our wraps are made of 100% cotton fabric, 100% pure natural Australian beeswax, 100% pure Jojoba Oil, 100% organic coconut oil and food safe tree gum.

You can learn more about the ingredients here.


To protect yourself from food contamination – the simple answer is no. Our beeswax wraps cannot be washed with 100°C.
 Anything more than 60°C will melt the beeswax.


With proper care, your wraps should last up to 12 months. If they come into contact with hot surfaces or water over 60°C or 140°F the wax will melt and affect the durability of the wrap.

In colder climates or during winter, your wraps may harden or less sticky. First, make sure the surface you’re sticking the wrap to isn’t cold or wet.

To make the wraps more malleable, fold them or scrunch them up with the warmth of your hands. This will make them sticky again.

Unlike cling wrap or glad wrap which is made of plastic and leaches toxins from BPA, beeswax is a natural and non-toxic substance. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which reduces the risks of food contamination.
Since Beeswax is waterproof, yet still breathable – it protects your food from getting wet and keeps your food fresher for longer in the fridge. Oh and it’s good for the environment and is biodegradable unlike plastic. 

Here’s a simple way to restore your beeswax wraps:

  1. Place baking paper or parchment sheet down on a baking tray or baking mat – and lay your beeswax wrap on top.
  2. Heat the oven to 140°C and keep the door open and watch your wrap warm up (it should take 1-2 minutes)
  3. Once the wax from the wraps has re-melted, carefully take it out by its corners and hang it up quickly before the wax dries.

Or if there is less wax, consider purchasing our wax blend to revive your wraps like new again!