Easy Low Carb Choc Brownies (Keto Friendly)

low carb choc brownies ketogenic

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies that are super moist and melts in your mouth? This choc brownie recipe is low carb, gluten-free and sugar-free! It’s great for that afternoon snack or when you want something sweet without sending your blood sugar skyrocketing! This healthy chocolate brownies is sooo tasty that it’s hard to believe it’s […]

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Zero Waste Home Made Toothpaste

zero waste toothpaste homemade

Seven years ago I made my first toothpaste using baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils. Yup… if this sounds cray-cray to you, I get it. My parents and friends thought I had gone nuts too. I guess the idea of clean teeth without a packaged product containing some anti-bacterial or anti-cavity formula sounded ridiculous […]

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10 Simple Tips For Living Sustainably

Tips For Living Sustainably

With landfills piling up, transforming your home into an eco-friendly place is a lot easier than what you might think! Living sustainably is not about going “without” the things you love. It’s about forming daily habits that are good for you, your family and the environment. 10 simple ways you can reduce your environmental ‘footprint’ […]

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5 Ways To Use Passionfruit

5 ways to use passionfruit

Collected these gorgeous passionfruits from the garden today. Nothing better than eating the fruits of your labour 😍 Here are 5 simple ways to use passionfruit: #1 Freeze it ❄️: If you don’t get around to eating it, freeze it while it’s fresh. Scoop out the passionfruit and pop them in ice cube containers or […]

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Caramel Chocolate Protein Slice (No Bake)

caramel choc protein peanut butter slice - low carb and keto friendly no bake

Want to hit your protein requirements and curb that sweet tooth? Try this no-bake caramel chocolate protein slice for an on-the-go low carb snack. I designed this recipe initially as a post workout snack and for those afternoon slumps when you need a ‘pick me up’. Each choc protein slice has just enough protein to […]

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2-Ingredient Choc Protein Popsicles

We all know the importance of getting enough protein in our diet. Protein helps with good immune function, metabolism, satiety, weight management and performance. The basic recommendation for protein intake for a generally healthy adult (who doesn’t train) is around 0.8 grams per kilogram of body mass. Which means, a 68 kg person that’s not working […]

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High Protein Ranch Dressing Recipe

high protein ranch dressing with fish

Dressings can make even the most boring bowl of lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes taste amazing. During summer, my boyfriend and I eat ALOT of salads and we’re constantly testing new dressing recipes. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought dressings are full of sugars and unecessary oil. For lunch today, we made pan fried barramundi with a […]

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